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Augusto Zafra


Dr. Zafra leads and coordinates the professional team that integrates IVANE SALUD involved in the process of the individual healing of mental health in the MENTAL HEALTH AND PSYCHIATRY INPATIENT UNIT in HOSPITAL VITHAS VALENCIA AL MAR and persons with dependence in the DETOXIFICATION AND DUAL DIAGNOSIS CENTER in HOSPITAL VITHAS AGUAS VIVAS.

He has spent many years focusing on adult psychiatry and advanced age. His university education in clinical psychiatry, mental pathology studies, legal psychiatry. He participates in congresses, experts group meetings and consensus meetings on psychiatry at a national level and collaborates in research and university education.

  • Medical psychiatrist with affiliation to the Conselleria de Sanitat.
  • Post-graduate training in prevention and treatment of addiction.
  • Legal psychiatrist and forensic specialist.
  • Master’s degree in psychology and family management.
  • Expert in diagnosis and clinical approach, mental illness, addictions and dual diagnosis.
  • Clinical Collaborator in the Daycare Center and Therapeutic Community.
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