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IVANE MENTAL HEALTH Phone: 96 335 25 00


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The IVANE SALUD team offers PSYCHIATRIC and PSYCHOLOGICAL health care for people with mental health problems that require consultation and outpatient monitoring at home.

Which patient can benefit from SCHEDULED HOME CARE?

SCHEDULED HOME CARE is indicated for people who have psychological or physical difficulties that make it impossible for them to attend an appointment scheduled in an outpatient clinic.

In order for the SCHEDULED HOME CARE to be carried out by the professionals from IVANE SALUD, the patient must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The patient must know and allow the treatment at home.
  • The patient must designate a relative who must be present during treatment intervention.
  • On the day of the visit, the patient must sign the informed consent form which includes the conditions of the medical and psychological assistance.
  • The most suitable individualised therapeutic approach for your particular needs will be evaluated on the first day.

SCHEDULED HOME CARE is not indicated for:

  • People with mental illness who do not know or do not authorise health intervention at home.
  • People with acute psychiatric condition.
  • Patients that require urgent intervention.
  • Patients with behavioral disorders, violence or active suicidal ideation.

*The confirmation of the appointment by IVANE SALUD, requires the prior payment of this service made by bank transfer 48 hours in advance.