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How can I be admitted to the Mental Health and Psychiatric Hospital Unit?


If you or your family detect that your psychological or psychiatric state requires more than out-patient services or on the contrary you have been advised that it is advisable an evaluation by professionals in Mental Health that you can go without a scheduled appointment to HOSPITAL VITHAS VALENCIA AL MAR during our ON-SITE PSYCHIATRIC hours where you will be attended by a specialist in psychiatry via a resident doctor who will evaluate your psychophysical status and the suitability of entering the Hospitalization Unit.


If you are a mental health professional, psychiatrist or psychologist, consider that your patient can benefit from a stay in our Hospitalization Unit to achieve clinical stabilization that allows you to continue with your psychological and psychiatric follow-up on an outpatient basis. You can contact us to present the case and jointly define the objectives during the patient's admission. Upon discharge, the admitting psychiatrist will coordinate with the follow-up professional.

Download the PDF document for further info:

As a mental health professional you can send us your name and surname, profession, telephone number and contact email to saludmental@ivanesalud.com and we will keep your professional data confidential and will send you specific contact details of the Head of Psychiatry.

What else does IVANE MENTAL HEALTH offer?

MENTAL HEALTH UNIT AND PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL of IVANE MENTAL HEALTH has specialised assistance at a hospital, outpatient and domiciliary levels with the aim of offering a comprehensive and multidisciplinary comprehensive service that covers the specific needs of patients and their families.

In addition, IVANE MENTAL HEALTH offers:

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