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IVANE MENTAL HEALTH Phone: 96 335 25 00


In HOSPITAL VITHAS VALENCIA AL MAR , IVANE MENTAL HEALTH collaborates with the ELECTROCONVULSIVE THERAPY UNIT , run by the psychiatrists Andrés Roig, Carmen Iranzo and Vanessa Sáiz, in coordination with the Anesthesiology team of Dr. Carlos Tornero.

Electroconvulsive therapy is a specialised, safe and effective treatment that should be considered as a therapeutic alternative in patients with severe and disabling depression. Although each specific case must be analysed, this therapeutic technique can be considered as the first option when there is a need for a rapid response, serious physical deterioration is evident or other treatments have failed.

Expanding the therapeutic options accredited by the international scientific community in the treatment of psychiatric pathology is part of the commitment of IVANE MENTAL HEALTH with the process of clinical and functional recovery of people with these types of health problems.

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