IVANE ADDICTIONS Phone: 634 840 904
IVANE MENTAL HEALTH Phone: 96 335 25 00


The Mental Health Unit and Psychiatric  Hospital IVANE MENTAL HEALTH of HOSPITAL VITHAS VALENCIA AL MAR focuses its efforts on the treatment of mental illness and the functional rehabilitation of adult patients who have acute / subacute symptoms and require healthcare under the admission process.

IVANE MENTAL HEALTH of HOSPITAL VITHAS VALENCIA AL MAR has a multidisciplinary team of specialised psychiatric, psychological and mental health professionals who offer an integral and individualised model adapted to the particular needs of each of their patients and family members.

Our goal is to help people with psychological problems and mental disorders that, temporarily, are unable to find an improvement with outpatient care resources and require a personalised and flexible therapeutic approach in hospital.

In IVANE MENTAL HEALTH, we believe that our care work should be focusing on achieving the maximum clinical stabilisation of the patient in the shortest possible time, and that this should translate into a sustainable improvement focusing on achieving maximum autonomy and functional independence. For this reason, therapeutic programmes designed for each patient are endorsed by the scientific community. They are of proven efficiency and aim to achieve the best clinical results.

For whom is the Mental Health Unit and Psychiatric Hospital of IVANE MENTAL HEALTH recommended?

IVANE MENTAL HEALTH of HOSPITAL VITHAS VALENCIA AL MAR is recommended for people of adult age who present psychiatric symptoms suggestive of a therapeutic approach in a hospital admission process.

As an Inpatient Unit for people with mental illness, we manage the admissions of able and incapacitated patients sectioned or non-sectioned, voluntarily and involuntarily, according to the Law 1/2000 (Article 763 of the Law of Civil Procedure) in these particular cases.

For whom is the Mental Health Unit and Psychiatric Hospital NOT recommended for IVANE MENTAL HEALTH?

IVANE MENTAL HEALTH of HOSPITAL VITHAS VALENCIA AL MAR , is not recommended for people, who still have mental illness or present with these types of pathologies or needs that require an approach or environment with different characteristics. Admission is not recommended for patients with the following psychiatric and psychological problems:

  • People whose fundamental pathology is an addictive disorder or a drug addiction. (Consult IVANE ADDICTIONS de HOSPITAL VITHAS AGUAS VIVAS).
  • People with anorexia nervosa-like eating disorders as the primary pathology.
  • People whose diagnosed mental pathology requires a long-stay residential approach.

What else does IVANE MENTAL HEALTH offer?

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