IVANE ADDICTIONS Phone: 634 840 904
IVANE MENTAL HEALTH Phone: 96 335 25 00


Where is it located?

IVANE ADDICTIONS is integrated within HOSPITAL VITHAS AGUAS VIVAS which is located in the natural park of the Vall de Aguas Vivas (La Barraca de Aguas Vivas, Carcaixent), far from the city and 40 km from València. The nature and facilities of the CLINIC OF DETOXICATION AND DUAL DIAGNOSIS provide a relaxed, intimate environment promoting well-being and comfort essential during the stay for both the patient and their families, with the sole purpose of facilitating maximum concentration in the process of patient recovery.

The HOSPITAL VITHAS AGUAS VIVAS is comprised of health and professional health resources with the guarantee of VITHAS, a leading hospital group with long experience in the private health sector at a national level.

What does IVANE ADDICTIONS offer?

Caring for every detail, is part of our daily activity. Therefore, our Detoxification Center offers:

  • Spacious individual Suites with a private bathroom, study table, armchair-bed for relatives and a television.
  • Therapeutic activity 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Close medical and psychiatric supervision.
  • Catering supervised by dietitian.
  • Patient referral service to other medical services and possibility of performing complementary tests.
  • Group therapy room. Individual therapy offices.
  • Climatised pool and spa.
  • Psychomotricity room. Relaxation room. Fitness center. Directed by a professional.
  • Cafeteria. Common rooms. Therapeutic visits with an instructor: hiking in nature and activity in the nearby golf course.
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