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Synthetic drugs are psychotropic substances and derivatives of amphetamines. The names ecstasy, MDA, LSD, MDEA, GHB, krokodil, or other forms are clandestinely marketed. They are known as designer pills and generate a major biochemical brain alteration in the person who consumes it. The amount of derivatives, both in their active ingredient and their adulterants, make them much more dangerous.


The disorder by the consumption of synthetic drugs generates symptoms similar to hyperactivity from an early age. At the time of designer drug consumption, the following effects are experienced:

  • Increased heart rate (tachycardia, hypertension or arrhythmias).
  • Sweating, dry mouth, jaw contracture, tremor, vertigo, hyperthermia, insomnia, hyperalertness.
  • Psychological symptoms such as anxiety, dysphoria, irritability, euphoria, loss of inhibition, hyperactivity, externalization of self-esteem, changes in emotional states and hypersociability.
  • High doses cause: panic disorders, panic attacks, anxiety disorder, confusion, psychosis and visual or auditory hallucinations.

When these effects subside, exhaustion, fatigue, and feelings of restlessness and depression appear, which may last several days (also known as "slump").

In the long term, it can compromise cognition, causing impaired attention, memory loss, and sudden mood swings.


At the beginning of the treatment admission is essential into the Detoxification Center and treatment that reduces medical and psychiatric complications.
In IVANE ADDICTIONS we adapt the detoxification and rehabilitation treatments to the new consumption patterns of synthetic drugs and designer pills. The unresolved state of hyperactivity and the lack of adherence to traditional therapeutic approaches makes the treatment of synthetic drug addictions perpetuate over time.
Our Detoxification Center in Valencia can be a turning point to start effective treatment, working with professionals, in which patient, family and therapists, work together in the recovery process.

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