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It’s an illegal drug and highly addictive, derived from morphine and originated from the opium poppy, from which opium is extracted. In recent years, an increase in the use of heroin and its derivatives has been detected. Heroin is consumed the majority of time on a daily basis, whether smoked or injected, with serious repercussions at a personal and family level with an almost total abandonment of daily responsibilities. The effective treatment of heroin requires detoxification or substitution, in most cases in a detoxification center that guarantees the absence of medical incidents and ensures an effective approach.


  • Sudden euphoria when the drug is consumed.
  • Dry mouth and flushed skin.
  • Slower breathing.
  • Out of control and not able to make decisions.
  • Sometimes it causes constipation so the person looks for medicine to counteract it.
  • They usually have needle marks all over their body.


In IVANE ADDICTIONS, we perform very safe, personalised and painless pharmacological interventions through a specific method that includes the use of synthetic opiate derivatives that guarantee an effective, comfortable, successful detoxification and with very low abandonment rates.

Likewise, the biological approach is accompanied by a comprehensive psychological and physical support, to achieve effective long-term abandonment and the initiation of the necessary modifications of behavior patterns that act as perpetuating factors of heroin use.

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