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It is a pathological impulse and an uncontrollable disorder due to gambling. Pathological gambling is considered to be the most frequent behavioral addiction. Gambling addiction to slot machines or cards in casinos or bingos has two aspects: traditional gambling, or online pathological gambling. Regardless of the behavioral pattern, the consequences are similar: malaise, personal suffering and family distancing.


  • Unable to stop playing.
  • Loss of enjoyment.
  • Continuous playing to recover what you have already lost.
  • Increasingly they gamble more money.
  • It affects their character.
  • Any excuse is good to play.
  • Denies their gambling despite knowing that they can not stop playing.
  • They ask for money from acquaintances.
  • Llega a pedir dinero a conocidos.


The treatment for pathological gambling in the Detoxification Center is necessary in the early stages to carry out an adequate diagnostic and therapeutic approach in order to set personalised treatment guidelines.

In IVANE ADDICTIONS we perform an adequate individualised clinical diagnosis of pathological gambling, since behind the mask of the pathological game other serious psychiatric disorders such as depression or anxiety are detected. Early detection is essential in both clinical entities in which a treatment must be applied for integral and intensive compulsive gambling in which the maximum concentration of the patient is needed.

Our Admission and Detoxification Center offers a safe and comfortable environment, a team of professionals with whom to create a stable bond and an exquisite treatment based on each one of the patient's particular needs with the aim of using techniques to achieve the internal change that establishes effective and lasting coping mechanisms.

In these cases the admission for treatment of pathological gambling is essential to obtain the best results.

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