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Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is extremely addictive and directly affects the central nervous system. It can be given orally, nasally, by vein or respiratory. It can also completely suppress appetite and it is used as an anaesthetic. It is a widely used psychotropic substance. Cocaine snorted or smoked with heroin generates brain changes during acute and long-term consumption, generating states of anxiety, depression, psychosis or personality changes. The treatment of cocaine needs the accompaniment and the intervention professional experts throughout the recovery


  • Frequent white marks on the nose or on parts of the body.
  • If the person sneezes frequently or has a runny nose it can be a symptom. Cocaine can cause a continuous nasal discharge.
  • If someone touches or cleans their nose frequently it may be that that person is consuming.
  • If it has been a long time and consumption is
    excessive you may experience bleeding and nose injuries.
  • Cocaine causes the eyes to be irritated and red because of the stimulation it produces (as in other drugs such as cannabis).
  • If a person has dilated pupils during the day that are not usual that is suspicious.
  • If they change their behavior radically or if they act in a strange way, with feelings of euphoria.


Withdrawal has three fundamental phases:

  • The first period of abstinence, the person usually falls into intense depression and feels anxious, agitated, fatigued, among other things.
  • Abstinence. This is where there is an urgent need to consume the drug again.
  • Extinction. The substance begins to leave the organism. In the case of chronic users or addicts who have suddenly stopped using the drug, convulsions, palpitations and a large number of unwanted consequences can occur in the body.

In IVANE ADDICTIONS we are specialised and adapted to the detoxification and rehabilitation treatments to the new patterns of cocaine consumption, as well as in the approaches of the accompanying dual diagnosis.

The fundamentals of the treatment are multidisciplinary, integral and personalised approaches orientated to each patient regardless of the pattern of cocaine consumption, offering a safe and comfortable environment, a team of professionals with which to create a stable bond and exquisite treatment based on particular needs, with the aim of achieving effective detoxification, providing techniques to avoid consumption, and strengthen personal motivation to achieve the internal changes that will strengthen the breakdown of addiction in the long term. In this context, the detoxification center for cocaine treatment in the initial phase is essential for long-term recovery.

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