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The addiction to technologies (internet, video games and mobiles), shopping, work, sex or toxic emotional relationships (emotional dependence) hide the presence of psychiatric and psychological symptoms such as low self-esteem, poor tolerance to frustration, impulsivity, non-acquisition of social skills, the search for new sensations and serious affective deficiencies that must be detected, diagnosed and treated early through a multidisciplinary team of professionals who comprehensively address the complexity of these disorders.


  • Unable to resist doing certain actions.
  • Unable to control those actions.
  • Denying addiction and not realizing the negative effects it brings.
  • Mood changes and even aggressiveness if somebody tries to stop their behaviour.


In IVANE ADDICTIONS, we apply a methodology based on scientific evidence through the early detection of accompanying psychological and psychiatric symptoms through the application of specific complementary tests.

The admission center offers a safe and comfortable environment, a team of professionals with whom to create a stable bond with the fundamental objective of improving self-esteem and provide individual effective coping mechanisms to improve self-control and social skills that free the patient from the addictive behaviour.

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