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Alcohol is the most widely consumed legal drug. The person with an alcohol dependence requires intensive treatment in the Detoxification Center to stop the serious consumption that often accompanies the disease of alcoholism. A person has an alcohol problem when there is an abuse of this substance, an inability to control consumption and a progressive loss of freedom that causes a progressive increase in intensity and frequency of intake. This triggers the appearance of a disorder by alcohol consumption and a dependence towards alcohol.


  • Repeated desire to drink alcohol.
  • The person is not able to say no to a drink.
  • The person has symptoms of being sick when he is not drinking (withdrawal).
  • The person usually drinks alone so nobody can see it.
  • The person tolerates a large amount of alcohol. Each time he feels he must drink more to feel the effects.
  • The person has memory failures.


In IVANE ADDICTIONS we have adapted the current needs of the person with alcohol problems through effective approaches during the detoxification period that eradicates the unpleasant symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, together with a preparation programme for detoxification that ensures the beginning of abstinence and a break with long-term consumption.

The team of professionals of IVANE ADDICTIONS provides a comprehensive and flexible therapeutic approaches that address biological, psychological, and social aspects, focusing on people who need treatment of alcohol addiction, in an environment that offers the maximum assurance with the capacity to ensure a calm, comfortable stay, in full nature, and with an exquisite treatment based on the particular needs of each of our patients.

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