IVANE ADDICTIONS Phone: 634 840 904
IVANE MENTAL HEALTH Phone: 96 335 25 00


The DETOXICATION AND DUAL DIAGNOSIS CLINIC IVANE ADDICTIONS of HOSPITAL VITHAS AGUAS VIVAS, is the only Admission Center in the Valencian Province specialised in the detoxification and preparation for the detoxification of people with problems of substances addiction (alcohol, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, cannabis or other drugs), tranquilizers and analgesics, as well as behavioral addictions (gambling, new technologies, sex, shopping, work, etc.).

IVANE ADDICTIONS has a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialised in mental health and in the field of addictions who offer an intensive treatment model that adapts to the particular needs of each of their patients and family members. Our goal is to help people with psychological problems and addictive disorders that, due to their personal and family situation, are unable to find a solution in traditional care models and require a comprehensive, personalised and flexible therapeutic approach according to their needs.

In order to achieve maximum autonomy and normalisation, both for the patient suffering from an addictive disorder and for their relatives, IVANE ADDICTIONS is at the forefront of the latest advances in medical, psychotherapeutic and functional knowledge. Thanks to its professionals, highly qualified in knowledge and experience, the DETOXICATION AND DUAL DIAGNOSIS CLINIC of the HOSPITAL VITHAS AGUAS VIVAS , provides the best results in terms of global improvement, by applying therapeutic programmes of proven efficiency.

Who is IVANE ADDICTIONS recommended for?

IVANE ADDICTIONS de HOSPITAL VITHAS AGUAS VIVAS is recommended for people who need admission assistance and are unable to find a sustainable or prolonged solution to their problem of drug addiction or treatment in other detoxification centers that perpetuates unwarranted stays and without planning a path to full recovery in the long term.

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